Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trust Fund

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trust Fund

What is TBI?
This program offers flexible, funding and support for people with traumatic brain injuries. The fund supports supplemental community based efforts to meet the special needs of individuals with brain injury.

Do I qualify?
Must have:
– Partial or total disability caused by injury to the brain
– Damage to the brain from physical trauma, lack of oxygen, allergic conditions, toxic substances and other medical incidents
– Impaired cognitive abilities or impaired brain function resulting from allergic conditions, toxic substances, or other acute medical clinical incidents, including damage caused by drug overdoses or alcohol poisoning.
– There are no caps for family income levels used to screen for services.
– There is a benefit limit of $15,000 per individual per year, with a lifetime maximum of $60,000.

The following services are not covered under this program:
– Medications
– Institutionalizations
– Hospitalization
– Services for anyone who is a hospital, institutional, or incarcerated resident.

How can I apply for TBI?
Complete the online form at or call toll-free at (855) 816-9577 or (502) 564-6930.

(502) 564-6930 or Toll-Free (855) 816-9577
(502) 564-4595

Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund
275 E. Main St., 3 E-E
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