Office for the Blind

Office for the Blind

The Kentucky Office for the Blind assists Kentuckians with visual disabilities to achieve suitable employment and independence. The office employs approximately 100 staff members in 11 offices covering all 120 counties in Kentucky. Office for the Blind provides:
– Assessment to determine eligibility and needs
– Vocational Guidance and Counseling
– Job Development
– Job Placement Services
– Assistive Technology Services and Devices
– Orientation and Mobility
– Work Experience
– Bioptic Driving
– Orientation and Mobility Services

To qualify for services you must have a significant visual disability.

How can I apply for services from the Office for the Blind?
Contact the Office for the Blind: (502) 564-4754 or (800) 321-6668. You will then be directed to your local point of entry office.

(502) 564-4754 or (800) 321-6668

Office for the Blind
275 East Main Street
Mail Stop 2-EJ
Frankfort KY 40621