Michelle P. Waiver

Michelle P. Waiver

The Michelle P. Waiver is a home- and community-based waiver program of the Kentucky Medicaid program. The Michelle P. Waiver program is designed as an alternative to institutional care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The services available through the wavier support individuals to remain in their homes and local communities.

People with a developmental or intellectual disability who require a protected environment while learning living skills, educational experiences, awareness of their environment and meet Medicaid financial eligibility requirements are eligible.

What services are provided through the Michelle P. Waiver?
– Case Management
– Supported Employment *
– Homemaker *
– Attendant Care *
– Personal Care *
– Behavioral Supports *
– Respite
– Assessment/Reassessment
– Adult Day Health *
– Occupational Therapy *
– Adult Day Training *
– Physical Therapy *
– Environmental and Minor Home Adaptations
– Speech Therapy *
– Community Living Supports *
*Services with an asterisk are limited to 40 hours a week altogether.

Therapy services are NOT provided under the MPW program for members under the age of 21. The Early Periodic Screen, Diagnosis and Treatment Special Services (EPSDT) Program now provides therapy for persons under 21. A case manager or support broker will help you decide the services you need. There are no residential services with the Waiver. It was designed to help people who live in their own homes or a family member’s home, and need help to continue living in the community.

Who provides the services?
Once you receive the Waiver, you can get services from any Supported Community Living (SCL) or Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBW) approved agency. You can even hire someone you know to provide some of the services through the Consumer-Directed Option.

How do I apply?
To apply, contact your local Community Mental Health Center. The Center will provide an assessment to determine if you are eligible. When you apply for yourself or your child, be sure to ask to be added to the SCL waiting list.

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