What is KCHIP?
KCHIP’s mission is to provide low cost health insurance coverage to low income, uninsured children younger than 19 in Kentucky. The K-CHIP staff understands that access to health care is very important and that preventive care is a large part of health care. Immunizations, well child checkups, and other preventive services help children get and stay healthy. For example, a family of four can earn up to $50,801 a year and qualify for KCHIP for their children under 19 years of age.

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(877) 524-4718 Toll-free KCHIP Hotline

CCSHCN clinics provide a family centered multidisciplinary approach to care. During each visit, children and families have access to nutritional services, social services, care coordination through a registered nurse, and specialty physicians. Physical and occupational therapies are included for clinics serving children with orthopedic conditions and cerebral palsy. Speech therapy is available for children with hearing loss or other conditions that affect speech and language development. Clinics that treat complex conditions offer the services of multiple physicians who provide a team approach to the management of these complex conditions.

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